Carolina Restoration & Renovation
Multi- Step Hand Finishes

All of our cabinets and doors are hand finished.  Hand sanding is of key importance with our durable catalyzed coatings.  Every square inch of wood is hand sanded  before another coat of finish is applied.  The purpose of sanding is not only to make the work smooth, but as you fine sand you make tiny scratches in the previous coat of finish which you may not even see.  These scratches help to give your next coat a mechanical hold on the previous coat.  You always get somewhat of a chemical hold between two coatings with the strength of that hold depending on what type of finish is applied, but it is always better to also have a mechanical hold as well.  The extra time involved in all that sanding is not evident when you look at the finished product but that extra time gives you the standard of quality we measure our work by.  Our natural wood finishes involve an eight step process while some of our stains, distressed, glazed or crackle finishes require as many as 16 steps.

We will bring out a number of doors with samples of finishes.  We can come close to matching any finish especially if you can supply us with a sample.  We can also match colors or contrast them with glazing.  When we are finalized to begin the project, we will make up a sample board (we call it a story board) showing you every layered step to the final finish.  This way you can be confident you will receive the final look you desire.  We also keep  copy of the story board to ensure we duplicate the process without any alterations.

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