Carolina Restoration & Renovation
The Process
W e will come out to your home and work through some initial design options based on your current and future needs and talk about some rough pricing to give you an idea of the best ways to balance out your needs with your budget. During our first meeting we will bring some sample finishes as well as some visual aids of cabinet accessories. Then we will work out a design to fit your family’s needs, your desires, and hopefully your budget. We love to give practical advice, but we want to build your dream kitchen or bath not ours. Because your kitchen can be a drawing place for great family times, we want it to be both functional and beautiful adding great value to your home.

Once we have finalized your design, your cabinets will be completed in our shop before we begin tearing out your old kitchen. We want to get your kitchen up and running as quickly as possible. If you choose solid surface counter tops there is usually a one or two week wait after the cabinets are installed because counter top fabricators require templates to be made once the new cabinets are installed before they will begin the fabrication process. Because of this delay, we usually will try to temporarily reset your old counter top and sink so you can begin using your kitchen immediately.

Lighting, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and appliance needs

We have have a number of individuals that have worked along side of us for the last decade or more.  They share our same values concerning the quality of their work and their work ethics.  They operate their business as we do with low overhead costs so their prices are very reasonable.  Usually I will have my electrician and sometimes plumber come out to assess you needs.  I do all of the scheduling for you but rather than getting their price and then marking it up as most contractors do I allow you to act as the contractor and pay them directly.  This  really is a cost savings to you and helps us keep the cost down,  prevent scheduling delays as well as keeping our quality control standard at the highest level.  However, if you would rather use you normal contacts that is fine with us. 

When it comes to appliances I always send my customers to an expert in appliances at the Display Center of Columbia on St. Andrews Rd.  In appreciation he always offers my customers the  lowest possible contractor prices available.  Because of their buying power sometimes you can get great savings with mail-in rebates if you buy more than one appliance from the same manufacturer.  These rebates are not available at some of the smaller dealers.